An accurate selection of materials, accessories, colours and floral prints inspires a sophisticated yet easy-going feminine attitude. The total look offered by Mariella Rosati is a perfect mix between curate research, comfort and casual but refined flair.

Designed and styled in Italy: precious details and tailoring know-how make the collections rich and alluring. The result is a range which is ideal for both formal and everyday / leisure occasions.

Rigorous craftsmanship and tailored yet feminine silhouettes are the main features of the collection, dedicated to a self-conscious woman, who wants to express her femininity and her personal standing by being at ease 24/7 thru her carefully styled image.

Born in 1994 it has been since the start a main player in the women's fashion market. Over the years it has gained recognition and trust by being distributed at selected stores in Italy, Europe and Russia.

Outerwear, tailored jackets and trousers are still recognized as the landmarks for the range, together with a large and versatile selection of dresses, all offered in a wide array of sizes.